[too short to dimension lights on ceiling] “But long on talent.” 

Art Gross Builders Inc.

“The finished kitchen looks awesome. Warren and Carrie are very happy.” 

Gary Friesen, Valley Builders

“Congratulations to you and your team!!! The space looks amazing thank you for your support!” 

Cathie and Brittney, Nuvo Sales Group

“People love the reception desk.  Makes every difference when you walk in. and it looks great!” 

R.T., Pavilion Corp.

“It is wonderful to work with you and to see the fabulous things that you do with our tile!”

Wendy Scott, BID, Julian Tile

“I just wanted to say it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you so far on these projects!”

Colin Spark, General Contractor

“Our compliments on a “fine design” that really…really brings the home to life!” 

Todd Hallson, Vantage Builders

“You have been responsive and kind and professional at all times and I would personally like to thank and recommend you to others going forward.” 


“Nice work Lisa!  Beautiful home!”


“Excellent design.  We really love it.”

Ken Rech, Landscape Architect

“You’re awesome!!! :)”

V.R., Investors Group

“ . . . executed and appreciated ‘get it done’ work ethic that is so valuable and rarely seen today.”


“Thank you very much for looking into this and for all the excellent work you’ve done on our project.”

K.C. + G.C.


Claire Hoffer, ReMax Professionals

“Congrats! it’s a beautiful space!”

C.P., Clarion Hotel

“I appreciate the work you have done for us. Your commitment, knowledge and professionalism is indisputable.”

B.K., Investors Group

“I just wanted to send you an email on behalf of my team to say thank you.  We have never been happier. The environment is incredible.  My clients love our office space.”

B.G., Reg.Dir. Investors Group

“Thanks very much for your prompt attention to detail. We are very impressed with your work and don’t hesitate to use our company as a satisfied customer.”

Wayne Pratt, Colliers International

“I love the detail in your designs . . . Not enough designers take the time to do this.”

Tyler, Tymak Electric

“Wonderful.  Thank you for the speedy turnaround!”


“We have reviewed the drawings.  Great job… I am really impressed!”

Sheila Fortier, Postmedia Network

“Wow what a difference”

Sue Boreskie, CEO RehFit Centre